Fast Growing Marketplaces for Non-Fungible Tokens

If the non-fungible token (NFT) industry and its high profitability has caught your attention, then you would be looking for a reliable marketplace. You would want an NFT marketplace platform that is reliable and focuses on offering multiple kinds of facilities.

In today’s time, when the online scams are spiking, it is very important you connect with online platforms that are highly reputed and are legit. If you are a newcomer in the NFT or the cryptocurrency industry, then you won’t be able to establish right from wrong that easily.

Expert Opinion from Ido Fishman

This is when you need an expert opinion from someone who is proficient and has experience in the particular space. If your interest are NFTs, then Ido Fishman, an NFT expert can definitely point you in the right direction.

While the NFT news may have the potential of misleading you by concealing information about the NFT marketplaces, Ido Fishman does it with complete responsibility.

Being an expert in the NFT sector, he is fully aware of what you may want and require when interacting with the NFT space. Currently, there are several NFT marketplaces in the market but then, there are those that have started emerging recently.

Being part of these NFT marketplaces can prove to be very advantageous. You can go through these platforms and choose the one you wish to side with.

NFT LaunchPad

Launched in February of 2022, NFT LaunchPad is a fast-growing marketplace where you buy and sell non-fungible tokens. In such a short amount of time, NFT LaunchPad built itself a strong following. Through the marketplace, you have the ability of minting NFTs on two major blockchains.

These two major networks include Polygon Blockchain and Binance Smart Cain (BSC). Due to its adoption of the two major blockchains, it is growing a vast collection of NFTs and collectibles on its platform.

The assets you deal on the NFT LaunchPad are with Wrapped BNB (WBNB) denomination. Its marketplace is quite user-friendly, and can be accessed through any browser. Apart from buying and selling NFTs, you can also mint them through NFT LaunchPad.

It is NFT artwork collections from some of the most prominent and very popular NFT artwork designers. One of the major collections offered on NFT LaunchPad is by Luck Block NFTs. Through NFT LaunchPad, you have the ability to sell your NFTs through bidding. You can even decline the bidding if you are not happy with the price offered.

It is also connectable with the securest and most used wallets known as MetaMask. You can even setup royalties on an NFT and its rarity can also be controlled by none other than yourself.

Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway is another major marketplace that has been around since the beginning of 2022. It mainly focuses on NFTs that are available in the market for a limited amount of time. It also offers NFT drops that are ‘premium’ to begin with.

The NFTs it offers include the ones from famous creative and artists. Some of the most prominent artwork designers on the Nifty Gateway are Grimes and Steve Aoki. If you have deep pockets and want to interact with NFTs as a collector of high-end artworks, then Nifty Gateway is the platform to connect with.

Nifty Gateway can be considered as an NFT marketplace subsidiary for Gemini, which is a major cryptocurrency exchange. The founders of the Gemini exchange are the famous Winklevoss Twins.

If you wish to buy non-fungible tokens through Nifty Gateway, you can do it via credit card or debit card, if living in the US. If you are not from the US but a user of Gemini, then you can purchasing NFTs through the exchange.

On a monthly basis, the Nifty Gateway records a transaction volume of $100 million. It currently hosts a total of 6,000 NFT assets and the token used for purchasing and selling NFTs on the exchange is Ethereum.


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