Fivoro Review – A Featured Packed User-Friendly Trading Platform

Trading was once a market which was particularly for a certain type of people i.e. the traders only. Yet the advent of internet, drastically changed the trading markets’ prospects and made it the market for ordinary people as well. Now anyone, irrespective of age and sex, can trade online and be as successful, and even more, as typical traders, subject to having a reputable broker. So the first question usually being asked by online traders is where to look for their broker? For finding the answer to this million dollar question, keep reading this Fivoro Review and decide whether you want this broker or not.

Featuring Massive Product Line

Though the broker is nevertheless the same as other online trading platform yet it separates it from others by being a carefully designed platform. This careful approach can be evidence from the fact that it features a massive product line of tradable assets. Stocks trading, forex, indices, commodities etc., you name it, the broker has all of them. At the same time, the trading ideas prepared by the broker’s team are so accurate that nobody wants to ignore them. The broker’s product portfolio is so expanded that it even fulfills the demands of traders with deep pockets.

Broker’s Fee & Charges

Usually brokers, whether conventional or online, they go low on their traders. Their charges and fees against trading are relatively high while they also charge certain amounts as ‘inactivity’ and ‘custody’ fees and non-trading fee. They have been even seen hiding certain costs from the trader which are only revealed upon the trader when the trader tries to withdraw funds.

Things are not alike with the broker because as compared to others, first of all, the broker’s fee is already minimum. So far nobody has ever refuted the broker’s claim of charging the lowest fee contrary to market standards. None of the charges, fee or any kind of levies are hidden. Whatever the broker is entitled to get is duly documented and clearly mentioned in the terms and conditions agreed to between the broker and the trader. Similarly, there is no ‘inactivity’ fee, at least for a certain time period.

In addition, the share percentage of the broker is comparatively than others while margins are also kept tight.

Account Selection & Opening

One of the genuine complaints raised by the traders is that they are asked to submit exorbitant amounts into the trading account as ‘initial deposit’. In addition, they feel that the account registration process is complicated while the verification of account is not spontaneous. These are genuine complaints and there are brokers who are not addressing these complaints, but the broker does care about its traders.

Firstly, the process involving account opening and selection is straightforward and paperless because it is entirely digital. Secondly, an appropriate number of accounts have been provided so as to give choices to the trader to see what type of account would be required to him. Thirdly, minimum deposit requirement for the opening and operating of the account is neither excessive nor unreasonable as well as non-exorbitant. Fourthly, account verification process is spontaneous which normally takes not more than a minute.

There is not a single account of the broker which is not loaded with a number of features. However, for enjoying phenomenal trading experience and availing favorable incentives, discounts, pricing and other benefits, one must choose an advance level account.

Innovation in Platform & Tools

Instead of hosting sophisticated tools for trading, the broker settled on simplicity. The broker’s platform features custom-built trading environment which is suitable for professionals as well as for the beginners. In this connection, only those tools have been incorporated which are user-friendly only. Most importantly, the trading platform as well as all the tools, are entirely designed and developed by the broker itself. Even a mobile phone can be used as an alternate access point to the broker’s web-based trading portal subject to internet connectivity. The platform also comes with the customizability option wherein ‘take profit’ and ‘end loss’ features too can be activated.

Bottom Line

If you think you need a platform full of features, loaded with simple but fundamental resources and essential tools, then you have determined correctly. You need Fivoro on your side. Without further delays, avail this one-time opportunity of trading with this user-friendly innovative platform.

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