IGI Markets: A Multi-Trade Purpose Broker With The Facility of Crypto Trading

When a person enters into the online world of trading then there is no turning back. The rewards are so enticing that a trader never comes out it. This is one of the causes that many people over the world are converting themselves into online traders. Firstly, they don’t need to invest too much money and secondly the ease of doing trading while remaining at their homes. These are the comforts and perks which online trading offer and IGI Markets is one such entity rendering brokerage services in trading industry.

What IGI Markets Has For Traders?

First of all a trader has a character which helps him not to be fooled by anyone. There are innumerable brokers each claiming promising rewards but the time comes to fulfill their promises, they back off. So it would be unwise altogether to fall in the traps of brokers who are simply pretending to be one. To the contrary, IGI Markets is one of those brokers whose promises are fulfilled. In addition, the platform has provided a career building opportunities to thousands of investors. This is why the broker services of IGI Markets have won various rewards and laurels by independent entities.

IGI Markets has vast experience in rendering online trade services to mainly institutional and retail investors. When it was formed initially, its trade service business was restricted to institutional sector. However, opportunities of trading were also offered to retail investors so that they too can derive benefits from online trading. For the time being, IGI Markets has been able to expand the numbers of retail investors which have even surpassed the number of institutional investors.

An Up-to-Date Crypto Trading Platform

IGI Markets focus on promoting online trading in assets forming part of six trade classes generally. For instance, a trader is interested in normal asset classes then he can experience trading in commodities, indices, stocks etc. Similarly, there is yet another segment of investors who are fond of digital assets because they want quick rewards which are also exponential.

Crypto trading is the number one asset which is traded more than any other asset at the trading platform of IGI Markets. Crypto trading is in fact trending in the entire world because of the quick and higher rewards. At the same time, evolution in digital asset industry is attracting investors even from countries which are living below the poverty lines. Ethereum, which is currently the second best digital currency in the world, is the most traded digital instrument at IGI Markets.

The platform of IGI Markets hosts a 24/7 live charting specifically regarding cryptocurrencies. In this charting, anyone can see the changes taking place in the digital asset industry per second. None of the changes can skip because the crypto price index chart is directly linked with the crypto trading market.

Multi-Trade Purpose Trading Accounts

If a trader is interested in trading Ethereum then the trader can choose from a number of accounts which are not entirely crypto based accounts. Instead, the accounts of IGI Markets are all multi-trade purpose accounts which can be used subsequently for trading of crypto as well as assets which are non-crypto. Currently, a trader can choose one or more accounts out of Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold and VIP.

Account Opening Mechanism

There is a pre-defined mechanism for a trader to open an account which is compulsory. Firstly, the traded is required to choose his account. For this a trader can compare the one account with other and see the difference between them. Major difference in these accounts is however their initial deposit requirement which varies from account to account. However, the least initial deposit amount is US$ 500 which applies to Basic Account.

Thereafter, personal details like name, address, contact details and identity proof are sought by IGI Markets because it is a mandatory requirement under the law.

Final Thoughts

By signing up into an account and activating it through funding initial deposit, you become part of the trading community of IGI Markets spreading over thousands of individuals and institutions. Fasten your seat belts because the platform will take you on a rollercoaster ride into the global crypto trading markets.

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