TigersFM Review – Does It Really Suit All Types of Traders

One of the things that are going to bother you about online platforms is whether they are suited for all types of traders. I have seen many of these platforms claiming that they cater to the needs of basic and experienced traders only to find out later that only experienced traders can make a fortune with them. I had been looking for a platform that was equally good for new, advanced, and professional traders and I finally found one. This TigersFM review is going to be about that platform.

I would like to focus on the suitability factor of this platform for new and experienced traders. I think the features have been designed to cater to the needs of all types of traders. I’ll let my TigersFM review do the rest of the talking.

Pick from 5 Account Types

It wouldn’t make sense if you had to sign up with the same trading account whether you were new or experienced. I have seen some brokers try to simplify things in this manner. However, I can tell you that a lot of the stuff that comes with a professional level or advanced trading account is not needed when you are just starting out. You want to stick to the basics in the beginning and you can when you have a Classic trading account from TigersFM that you can join for just $250. If you have traded before and don’t want to begin from the very start, the Silver account will do, and you can open it with just $5,001.

You have 3 more account types to pick from and each account becomes better than the previous one and more suitable for the experienced traders out there. So, if you look at the Prime account, which is the most expensive account on the list, it offers you some really advanced features.

Varying Leverages for Traders

The one complaint that I have with many online brokers is that they treat novice and seasoned traders the same way when it comes to offering leverages. Leverages allow you to amplify your trading outcomes, but they can involve a lot of risk. For this reason, most experts will advise new traders against using them or using them only when they have the risk tolerance level needed to leverage trades. I like the fact that TigersFM went with varying leverages. What it means is that it offers different leverages to different account types.

You can have leverages of 1:200 on your trades if you are just starting out with the Classic trading account. However, if you want to go with something more advanced, your leverages can be as huge as 1:500. I still want to advise you that you should learn everything about leveraged trading before you go for it. Don’t think that it will increase your profits because the truth is that it will increase your losses in the same manner so you should know both sides of the coin.

Many Assets for Everyone

If you are just starting out, you might want to limit your trading portfolio to only the assets that make sense to you. Perhaps, you saw some trading cryptocurrency and that interested you in trading. So, to start off, you only want to trade cryptocurrencies. However, if you are a seasoned and veteran trader, you would want access to hundreds of assets. The good news is that this platform caters to the needs of both. You can find plenty of assets in the cryptocurrency market. Also, you can access 5 different financial markets and hundreds of assets in total when you sign up with TigersFM.

Final Thoughts

I think the platform is pretty suitable for every type of trader. I also like the fact that it does not lose its generosity on its accounts no matter which one you pick. It offers you 50% welcome bonus with the basic account and 100% welcome bonus when you go with the Prime account. So, it caters to the needs of every trader.

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