Try Ncapital Group for a Traditional Trading Experience in Cryptocurrencies

Ever since the cryptocurrency industry took a flight into new heights of success, the industry has been flocked with new investors. Everyone is trying to get their hands on the most reliable and profitable crypto-trading solution. If you wish to do the same, then give Ncapital Group a shot and see how it goes. For now, you do not have to browse the exchange’s website as I will share all that I know about the exchange in my Ncapital Group review for your knowledge.

Ncapital Group and its Aim

Ncapital Group is a cryptocurrency exchange founded by expert analysts, programmers, traders, and investors that have improved their skills in the cryptocurrency industry. Together with their knowledge and tools/features offered at the exchange, these teams aim to empower you. Their goal is to shape you into some of the most prominent and successful investors/traders in the crypto-verse. They aim not only to help turn all your investments lucrative, but also focus on empowering you with knowledge about cryptocurrencies.

Trading Platform at Ncapital Group

If you trade with Ncapial Group, then you are not using a third party trading platform but Ncapital Group’s in-house trading platform. The engineers/programmers have worked tirelessly to bring you this trading platform that competes with any of the top-notch and highly demand trading platforms.

Ncapital Group’s trading platform is sophisticated yet comprehensible, it is equipped with variety of tools but has a customizable interface. Its platform offers access to advanced reporting/charting system, provides access to several trading markets, offers daily market news, asset updates, price alerts, trading signals, and much more.

Trading Accounts and Services at Ncapital Group

At Ncapital Group, you are not bound or limited to a single trading account and a demo account. You have access to six trading accounts, each targeting a specific trading profile in the cryptocurrency industry. Therefore, you can choose the account as per your experience and affordability. The minimum deposit requirement at Ncapital Group is $1k, €1k, or £1k.

As for services, each trading account offers unique services based on the subscription you are willing to go for. However, the general services offered at Ncapital Group include access to pro webinars, services of an account manager, personalized trading strategies, one-on-one trading training, access to premier events, and so much more.

Education System at Ncapital Group

Ncapital Group is always oriented towards your growth and empowerment in the cryptocurrency industry. This is the reason why it has readied content for your education in the form of trader’s glossary, asset index, video chart analysis, news analysis, and trading signals.

You can avail each aspect in order to gain more knowledge and command in the cryptocurrency industry. Having access to such information means that you would be able to make crypto-investment decisions on your own.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Ncapital Group keeps thing fairly simple and convenient for you when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals. It does not bombard you with numerous funding options. Instead, it lets you do it in the form of bank wire, bitcoin wallet, ethereum wallet, credit cards, and debit cards. These methods are the most trusted ones globally and are considered as the safest. After the initial minimum deposit, you can as low as $250, or they can in EUR or GBP.

In terms of withdrawals, you have the freedom of choosing the same option as the ones provided for making deposits. Be aware that to request a withdrawal, you must update your personal identification information as well as provide your proof of residence. The process may take up to 5 to 15 business days depending on the mode of withdrawal you choose.

Adherence to KYC and AML Policies

Ncapital Group strongly believes in regulations, as it aims to provide you with the most secure and ethical trading environment. It adheres to the KYC and AML policies so you do not have to worry about the exchange getting shut down ever because of regulatory non-compliance. This also means that the exchange is in the good books of the regulators and would always remain out of trouble.

Customer Support at Ncapital Group

The customer support offered at Ncapial Group phenomenal as it provides you with some of the most well trained, experienced, professional, and empathetic support representatives. No matter the question or query you may have in mind related to crypto or the exchange, you can get in touch with the customer support reps from Monday to Friday. They would ensure all your questions are answered promptly and with the most effective solution.

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